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The Revel Blog

Looking for insights to build your brand and grow your business? You've come to the right place. This is where we talk the walk.

  1. Weeding Out Your Website’s Unqualified Leads


    Manufacturers everywhere want to increase leads, but not all leads are created equal, are they? While generating a boatload of leads from your website is great, you can’t celebrate like your ship just came in before you know how many in that boatload..

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  2. How to Create Content that Resonates with Engineers


    How many of you have heard this one before?

    An optimist, a pessimist and an engineer walk into a bar...

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  3. Target the Right Customers for Your Manufacturing Company


    Narrow-mindedness isn’t typically considered a good thing, however, when it comes to marketing, especially in the crowded world of manufacturing, a narrow focus is exactly what you need! Rather than spread your marketing efforts too thin and across..

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  4. Why Are Personas So Important for Industrial Marketing?


    Two words: qualified leads. Actually, here are two more: increased sales.

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  5. You Are 5 Questions Away from Your Target Audience


    If you manufacture, let’s say baby strollers, there’s a baby somehow involved in your buyer’s life, right? Or perhaps one of those pocket chihuahuas dressed like a baby, but let’s not go there. The point is, you wouldn’t market your stroller to some..

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