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The Revel Blog

Looking for insights to build your brand and grow your business? You've come to the right place. This is where we talk the walk.

  1. Meet Kelly Kalis: The Latest Reveler to Join Our Team


    We needed a Content Specialist and poof - Kelly Kalis appeared! Her timing wasn’t the only thing impressive - we liked the looks of her resume, too. Let’s just say, if she wore a belt, there would be a whole lot of experience tucked under it!

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  2. Is Your Company Newsletter a Snooze Letter?


    How valuable is email marketing in attracting and retaining customers? Well, consider this: by 2020 it’s expected the number of email users will reach 3 billion, and currently, people are twice as likely to sign up for your email list as they are to..

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  3. 5 Tips to Ensure Your Videos are Actually Viewed


    Using video in your marketing is a great way to engage consumers and persuade them to act. You’ve seen the stats - they’re impossible to ignore! The fact is, video is a huge marketing tool and should be a part of every marketing plan. However, you..

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  4. The History of Cyber Monday


    Admit it. You’re planning on doing some online holiday shopping today. You’re not alone. Americans are projected to spend over $3 billion stuffing their stockings with Cyber Monday deals.

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  5. 5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Works


    Allow me to open this blog post with a few facts (and GIFs) about video :

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