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The Revel Blog

Looking for insights to build your brand and grow your business? You've come to the right place. This is where we talk the walk.

  1. Decision Time: The Last Stop on the Buyer's Journey


    The buyer’s journey starts with awareness (Hey, I have a problem!), moves to consideration (What are my options to solve it?), then makes a third and final stop at its stage 3 destination: Decision (Which solution should I choose?).

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  2. Consideration: Stop #2 on the Buyer’s Journey


    The fact that you are extremely irritable has triggered the realization that you are in need of some stress relief.  But what to do...well, if you’re like most people, you begin to consider your options, right? (like do some yoga or belly up to the..

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  3. Awareness: Let the Buyer’s Journey Begin


    Before people consider making a purchase from you, they need to realize you actually exist, and also that you can provide a solution to their problem. Ah, but even before that, they need to realize they have a problem in the first place! This is the..

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  4. What's the Buyer's Journey and Why Should You Care?


    Think about it. You don’t just go out and make a major purchase. First, you realize you want or need something, then you start researching your options, then you pick a lucky winner. It’s a process, and that process actually has a name - it’s called..

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  5. 4  Mind-Blowing Blogging Benefits


    What’s in it for me? Fair question, right? Most people want to know how something will benefit them before deciding if the endeavor is worth their while. Take blogging, for instance. It’s kind of a big commitment. Do you really need to post blogs on a..

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