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The Revel Blog

Looking for insights to build your brand and grow your business? You've come to the right place. This is where we talk the walk.

  1. What's the Buyer's Journey and Why Should You Care?


    Think about it. You don’t just go out and make a major purchase. First, you realize you want or need something, then you start researching your options, then you pick a lucky winner. It’s a process, and that process actually has a name - it’s called..

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  2. 4  Mind-Blowing Blogging Benefits


    What’s in it for me? Fair question, right? Most people want to know how something will benefit them before deciding if the endeavor is worth their while. Take blogging, for instance. It’s kind of a big commitment. Do you really need to post blogs on a..

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  3. Get More Bang Out of Your Blog

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    Write less, promote more. For marketing people, this mantra ranks right up there with make love not war! Consistently providing new content can be tough, but repurposing content? That not only makes life a lot easier, but also has a host of benefits..

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  4. Keep Consistent and Blog On

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    Consistent blogging increases your chances of being ranked high in search engines by 434%. Holy cow!

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  5. Recipe for the Best Blog Ever


    Your blog has an agenda longer than a quarterly corporate meeting. It has to be engaging, provide value, and deliver a consistent brand message. It needs to be strategic, build awareness and trust, educate the reader and be perceived as a quality..

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