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We’re hiring a Web Developer

We’re hiring a Web Developer

We're looking for a talented Web Developer to be responsible for coding and web maintenance. The Web Developer is responsible for programming, modifying, regular maintenance, and updates to client websites. In addition to building websites and maintaining them this position will estimate functionality and implement goal tracking to meet the client's needs.
Results Specific Responsibilities
  • Responsible for implementing project requirements and executes QA processes
  • Assists with project estimating and results summaries that meet client goals
  • Stays current on all programming-related technology trends and innovations, and communicates regularly with the team
  • Has knowledge of hosting websites and the server infrastructures involved in maintaining client sites which we control
Position Specific Responsibilities
  • Performs web updates for existing client websites
  • In-depth knowledge of systems infrastructure (knowing what hardware to ask for, what OS to install, how to prepare the system and dependencies for all software)
  • Understanding, creating, manipulating, and querying databases (such as PSQL and MySQL)
  • API / back-end code in one or more languages (Example: PHP, Ruby, NodeJS)
  • Front-end code in one or more languages (Example: HTML, JavaScript, Java)
  • Experience with PHP/MySQL
  • In-depth understanding of how to program for content management systems (Example: Wordpress)
Interested candidates should send a copy of their resume to work@revel.in
Who we are:

Revel is a marketing agency that builds strong brands that grow manufacturing businesses. Manufacturing has, is, and will continue to drive the U.S. economy. We make sure our clients are the frontrunners. We execute marketing strategies that move our clients’ customers to action. We are a growing agency poised to bring our manufacturing focus to a national audience. Located in Muskegon, Michigan on the shores of Lake Michigan, we have been recognized as one of West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For two years running.

Revel is an equal opportunity employer. For more information about our agency, explore our website.